4-H Foods Revue

The 2017 Foods Revue takes place on March 4th, 2017 at the Galesville-Ettrick-Trempealeau High School!


The Foods Revue is an opportunity for youth to share their love of food!  It is a chance to show and tell the food that the youth prepared  and how the food fits in with a meal that they have planned.  It also gives the youth a chance to see what others have done and gain new ideas from them.  It will give the youth a chance to prepare and evaluate foods other than the types shown at the fair. Youth will have the opportunity to speak with the judge and to truly learn more about their project.

Spectators (like grandparents) are welcome to attend, and we’ll have chairs set up for their comfort.

Helpful Hints for the Foods Revue:

  • Helpful Hints for Everyone
    • There are lots of extra pages in this packet. Be sure to read through everything—it will ALL help you improve your exhibits. We LIKE it when you make it “hard” for the judge to decide which entries should get the blue ribbons! ☺
  • Helpful Hints for SHOWMANSHIP ENTRIES
    • “Showmanship” is about presentation. Winning entries will go beyond the ordinary; they will look sharp, be neat, and show imagination. Winning exhibitors will look the judge in the eye and speak clearly.
    • Practice preparing your recipe until you have a good product each time. Also, the judge will want to know if you’ve made this food before.
    • Your “showmanship” entry must include a menu card, and you MUST include recipes for the foods that you are required to make. You do NOT need to include recipes for other foods on the menu card.
    • Bring the dishes your food will be served on or in, plus flatware, some kind of table covering. Of course if your lot requires a centerpiece, make it “fit” with the food or the theme for your age group. You can dress to enhance your food-theme, too. (You don’t have to, but you can if you want.)
    • Make yourself familiar with MY Plate included in this packet, and that your menu is nutritious. There’s a very good chance the judge will ask how your menu fits into the plate.
  • Helpful Hints for Parents
    • Resist the temptation to coach your child once s/he walks through the door of the exhibit hall.  Coaching from the sidelines is also poor sportsmanship. Work at home so your child is comfortable setting the table and prepping the food and can answer questions about it. You can sit back and“enjoy” the Foods Revue!
  • If you would like more hints please also check out our resource Helpful Hints for Preparing-for-Foods-Revue

For more information about the Foods Revue, including forms and regulations, please refer to the links below.

Foods Revue 2

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